The most important criteria for a good Live Blackjack Casino

Live Blackjack Casino

Before you decide on a provider, you should know how to recognise recommendable live casinos. I have already taken the most important criteria into account when selecting the top 5:

  • Licence and respectability
  • Customer support
  • Winning odds
  • Mobile support
  • Payment methods


With a gambling provider, you must always pay attention to the licence. Only with a valid licence from an appropriate regulatory authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority is the online casino allowed to offer gambling at all. Logically, this also applies to live blackjack providers. The current licence is displayed on the provider’s website – as long as it is a reputable online casino. The regulatory authorities regularly inspect the companies and also check, among other things, whether the services meet consumer protection requirements. With online casinos that have a valid licence, you can be sure that you are playing in a serious and fair online casino.

Nevertheless, problems can also arise here, either due to technical errors or human error. If you encounter problems, the best thing to do is to ask for help from customer service. Since it is a service, the casino sites must guarantee your satisfaction – and be there for you with competent customer service.

A good live blackjack casino must also be convincing in terms of service. Organisational and technical questions should be solved quickly. Ideally, the online casino offers a free hotline, but a 24-hour live chat is also a plus. The classic e-mail is actually used by all online casinos as a form of communication. The best providers respond to the electronic letter in less than an hour. Excessively long waiting times are a sign of a lack of support and have a negative effect on the rating.

Limits and odds at a glance

Depending on the variant, the table limits also vary. Almost all preferences are covered; you can play with relatively low and also very high stakes. However, since the effort required to implement live games on the internet is higher than for the virtual variant, you will have to do without the micro-limits. However, there are already online casinos that offer Live Blackjack with a relatively small minimum stake of 50 cents. These include, for example, Casino Room, 10Bet or Gate 777.

On average, however, you usually have to put a few $ into your virtual hand per round. Many of the best live blackjack casinos start at five euros. There are hardly any limits to the table maximum. Some providers cap the stakes at $10,000. Others even allow you to play with $50,000. In my opinion, this should be enough for every player.

  • Table minimum in the range of 0.50 to 5$.
  • Table maximum in the range of $10,000 to $50,000

The games in the online casinos all have different odds. The odds are statistically determined on the basis of probability. So it’s luck that counts whether you win or lose. In card games such as Blackjack or Poker, unlike Baccarat, you have the opportunity to intervene with your decisions during the game. In this way, you can influence the odds yourself.

Theoretically, it is possible to achieve a probability of winning of almost 100 percent. The way the player plays is decisive. Compared to the dealer, the player also has more decision-making options because the dealer’s game is determined by the rules. Blackjack is therefore one of the fairest games in the casino.

Live Dealer – Selection and Experience

The special thing about live games is of course the ambience with a real table and live dealer. Live Blackjack experiences are therefore much more realistic and emotional compared to the virtual version.

The dealers have a special role to play, as they represent the social component. They are supposed to create a sympathetic atmosphere that encourages people to play longer.

The live dealers must therefore have a certain charisma and be adept at making contact with unknown and anonymous users. They are equipped with a microphone so that communication can proceed smoothly. Meanwhile, you can usually reply via chat. However, there are also some live casinos that also allow their players to use a microphone.

Of course, the dealers must also have motor and mental skills. They are specialised in handling the cards and are also familiar with the rules of the variants. Many live dealers also have practical or professional experience in casinos and other gambling establishments, so you are always in good hands at the live tables of good online casinos.

Apart from these basics, your taste is decisive. Whether a dealer is likeable cannot be measured objectively. This varies from person to person. However, once you have found your favourite, many online casinos offer a follower function. You will then always be informed at which table your favourite dealer is currently dealing and whether seats are free. But don’t forget to tip! The function to give the game leader a small tip is usually also available.

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