Australian Casino Revenues Will Grow to $ 6.2 Billion

Australian Casino

The gambling business in Australia is very popular, especially the activity of the local casinos is worth noting. The best gambling complexes are located in Melbourne. There are many other interesting establishments located in various cities.

While other gambling zones in the Asia-Pacific region are calculating losses, Australian market operators are optimistic about the future. The gambling market research company IBISWorld predicts that Australian casino revenues will grow to $ 6.2 billion over the next five years. 

The reason for such an optimistic conclusion for the industry is the high level of casino spending on infrastructure development and attracting new customers. PlayAmo Australia review shows the growth of clients eager to make deposits. There are many propositions for both fresh clients and advanced players that can prolong their playing time. Additional money and free spins are constantly available.

Leading Casinos Expand Their Territories

Australian Casinos profit

No new casinos have been built in Australia since 1996 when the five-star Reef Hotel opened. But now everything is about to change – billionaire James Packer has announced plans to build an entire resort. He intends to invest about $ 1.3 billion to build the Barangaroo luxury hotel and casino in Sydney’s Harbor area.

Chinese investors are also hatching ambitious plans for the development of the gambling business in Australia. Two financial groups from the Middle Kingdom are now developing plans for the construction of VIP resorts in the province of Queensland. 

  • $ 8.2 billion is going to be invested in the Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, located just north of the city of Cairn, 
  • $ 7.5 billion – in the construction of a mega-resort on the Gold Coast.

What is typical – all investment programs are designed mainly for working with high rollers. And gambling establishments in Macau, which are currently experiencing serious problems with revenue, associate their troubles with the churn of customers from this category.

Not only Australia is known to be an active gambling country playing in online casinos. It turned out that Singapore became the leader according to the second criterion. In this country, the gambling business is gaining momentum, and perhaps very soon it will take a leading position in this area. Unique projects of gambling establishments have been built in Singapore, which every gambling fan wants to get into. 

Thus, the development and increase in the number of gambling establishments have also increased the number of players leaving a decent amount of money in the casino.  If we compare Australia or Singapore with other countries, then, for example, in Spain, Italy and Greece, residents of these countries spend about three times less on any gambling. This situation has developed even despite the fact that the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks began to play various gambling games much earlier than the Australians and Singaporeans.

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